Monday, September 05, 2016

Turkish ACV-15's Armored Personnel Carriers have gotten their did they do?

via IHS Janes.
Turkey launched what appeared to be a long-planned military operation on 24 August, when M60 tanks and ACV-15 armoured personnel carriers were seen advancing into Syria, while 155 mm Firtina self-propelled howitzers were deployed close to the border to provide fire support.
We've all been so focused on the tanks that we missed the story about the apc's!.

The Turks super sized M-113, the ACV-15 has entered combat and not only are pics hard to find but so is info on their performance.  How is the tank performing, have they upgunned them for real deal combat, and how many troops does it carry in actual operations?

So many question.  So few answers.

NOTE:  I stand corrected.  The ACV-15 has already been used in combat.  What I question my readers on is whether or not this is the same modification of the M-113 that we've seen with our European allies.  On that I'm not so sure.  Additionally in the comments section I mentioned that I might have jumbled my vehicle identification.  THE HUGE M-113 modification that FNSS has done relates to the ACV-30.  That is a beast of a vehicle!

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