Monday, September 05, 2016

Turks complete operation to close border to ISIS.

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via Washington Post.
Turkish troops and Syrian rebels on Sunday pushed the Islamic State out of the remaining stretch of territory the group had controlled along the Turkish-Syrian border, severing the militants’ last access to the outside world.
Since 2013, when the group announced its formation, it has had territory bordering a NATO state — Turkey — but the sweep by Turkish forces and rebels fighting under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army has brought that to an end.
According to the official Turkish news agency Anadolu, the Turkish army helped Syrian rebel allies secure 57 miles of border territory stretching from the Syrian towns of Azaz and Jarabulus by ejecting the militants from a string of villages on Sunday.
I wonder if the powers that be realize what just happened with this announcement.  In my mind it reveals...

1.  The war against ISIS was a lie.  They were never the focus of our operations.

2.  The lies that Generals have told about the fight against ISIS taking years to complete was just that.  A concerted military effort achieved what I always believed.  A force of approx 30K troops in the open desert could easily be defeated in short order.

3.  The White House, Pentagon, and State Dept are hustling to try and position themselves to take part in the "victory" against ISIS.  The meeting between Obama and Putin was more about trying to take part in a face saving gesture than anything else.

4.  Assad will survive.

5.  Turkey has abandoned NATO/US goals in the region and is going alone (personally while I despise Ergodan, I can't see this as a necessarily bad thing...every nation has their own interests to pursue).

6.  No one is talking about it but Hezbollah is now more dangerous than ever.  They have gained operational experience.  Their stocks have been replenished and enlarged.  Once this is over Israel is going to have a much more dangerous foe right next door.

7.  Iran is a huge winner.  They not only picked the right side but they've established themselves as a new regional power.  Further arms shipments from Russia will mean a fight between them and Saudi Arabia is just a matter of time.  In that fight I wouldn't bet on Saudi Arabia.

8.  Saudi Arabia has left the Syria fight and is focused only on Yemen.  Unless they can end that fight quickly and positively the kingdom will be in trouble.  I expect an offensive in Yemen soon with a partition to allow victory to be declared while they lick their wounds and rearm.

Long story short.  Our Democrat/Republican Neo-Cons failed horribly.  For all the shit that our elite talk about Putin, he beat the best and brightest from the White House, Pentagon, State Dept and CIA.

Now we're left with dealing with rebel/terrorist groups that we've armed to the gills.  Expect a "joint" bombing campaign to destroy them soon.

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