Monday, October 17, 2016

L-CAT 2? via Defesa Global.

Defesa Global has an article up on the L-CAT 2 (I'm calling it that..I have no idea how CNIM Defense is labeling this boat) and its kinda interesting.  via DG
On the occasion of the EURONAVAL 2016 naval technologies trade show, which is taking place 17- 21 October in France, CNIM Defense is presenting the new version of its L-CAT ship-to-shore fast landing catamaran, the L-CAT Shore-to-Shore version.
The ship-to-shore version was supplied to France (4) and to Egypt (2). All operates from BPC (Bâtiment de Projection et de Commandement ) amphibious assault ships supplied by DCNS and STX France to France and Egypt. The L-CAT boats were built by SOCARENAM, In French Navy service, the boat is designated as EDA-R (Engin de Débarquement Amphibie Rapide).
I went to CNIM Defense website but couldn't find any information on the boats specs, how much its rated to carry, how fast it is or its range.

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