Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Open Comment Post. Oct 25, 2016.

Am I alone in thinking that the US is losing its lead in combat power?  Its a sinking feeling I have and I can't shake it.

To be honest our military leadership reminds me of Adolf Hitler from 1943 on...he believed that "wonder" weapons would allow Germany to win a badly managed war.  He held onto the thinking that even though he stretched the German military to the breaking point globally that he would be able to snatch victory if he had new super tanks, an Amerika bomber, jet fighters, gigantic subs etc...

Meanwhile the allies produced vehicles, ships and aircraft that in many cases were "good enough" (and admittedly a few that were great) at rates that Germany couldn't match.  Between poor military planning, a ravaged industrial base and lackluster leadership the Germans didn't stand a chance.

Sound familiar?

Its slipping away and we're all watching it happen.

Anyway, that's my rambling and ranting.  What's on your mind?

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