Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scuttlebutt? US Army Special Forces Commander killed in push to Mosul?

Thanks to Overwatch DVA for the link!

via Farsnews.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A commander of the US Army Special Forces deployed in Northern Raqqa was killed by unknown assailants, local sources disclosed on Monday.

"The commander of the US Special Forces in Tal Abyadh was shot in the head and killed by unknown assailants," the Arabic-language Sham Times said.
The Arab media outlet said the death of the unnamed commander is leading to chaos among the US-backed Kurdish forces.
"The Command Center of the US military forces in Northern Raqqa and the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) have launched joint probe into the incident," they added.
Kurdish sources said Saturday that the US Army has deployed nearly 300 fresh forces in Northern Raqqa near the border with Turkey.
"120 US army soldiers have been deployed in North of Tal Abyadh. Also 60 other soldiers have been dispatched to a base near the village of Shabadeq close to a road towards the town of Salouk," the sources said.
"The Shabadeq base is a camp to train the Kurdish fighters for war against the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern battlefields of Raqqa up to the Northern banks of the Euphrates River," the sources added.
"In the meantime, over 100 US soldiers have entered Ein Issa via an illegally-established US army base in the village of Kharab Isq to coordinate Kurdish fighters' operations and meanwhile guard the US political officials who have been dispatched to Syria to form a new coalition, allegedly for the capture of Raqqa," the sources said.
I don't know what to make of this stuff.  Remember a little while ago when Fars reported Special Ops personnel injured in Syria and we got nothing from the Pentagon?  We didn't get a denial, confirmation or even an acknowledgement that the question was asked.

Now we have this report and I'm expecting more of the same.

Special Ops is Special Ops.  Guy might be killed in combat and the story given to the public is that it was a training accident.  Shot in the head turns into a horrible parachute accident.

Fog of war stuff I guess.  The truth?  We'll never know.  We ain't there. 

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