Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Open Comment Post. Oct 18, 2016

I'm still watching the news but I find little interesting.  Mosul?  They've been planning that offensive for over a year.  What kind of military commander telegraphs an attack and allows an enemy to fortify their positions for a year?  Plus its an urban area?  The stupidity is astounding but most will wave the flag, shout USA and not question military leadership.

Same applies to a "worldwide conference on ISIS".  General Dunford is calling a meeting of over 50 nations to deal with the aftermath of the defeat of ISIS.  Seriously?  40K troops and they've been allowed to fight almost the whole world to a standstill for a couple of years?  Sorry I don't buy the fight, don't care about the outcome anymore.

US ships were targeted for a third time near Yemen.  Independent ship operations, a lack of a plan to kill the missiles and a jacked up alliance with Saudi Arabia has me wondering why I should care.

Maybe I'm in a bad mood but that little snippet of issues happening shows why blogging has been light.

I want to care, but just can't make myself.  But enough about me.  What's on your mind?

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