Thursday, October 06, 2016

This is what happens when you let MANPADS loose in the ME.

Thanks to Gregory for the link!

via Kurdish Daily
One of Turkish F-16 fighter jets bombarding Qandil region in South Kurdistan was shot down by Kurdish forces at around 20.30 pm local time on Thursday, Kurdish sources said.
Local sources also confirmed the downing of the jet in Pişta Şanê area Thursday evening while conducting airstrikes against Kurdish forces.
On September 27, a Turkish fighter jet was downed over Gare region near Turkish-South Kurdistan border at around 20.30 pm local time. Although local journalist published footage of the wreckage of the downed Turkish jet, Turkey’s Islamist government claimed all its jets returned to their base ‘safely’.
Small Rant.

This is what happens when you let MANPADS loose in the ME!  I don't know who the rocket scientist in the State Dept, Pentagon, CIA and National Security council are, or what they're thinking but this is stupid on a stick.

How long before a US plane is targeted?  Do you think that the so called moderate rebels will hesitate to shoot down one of our planes in the hopes that they can use the life of a pilot as a propaganda tool in one of their horrific snuff videos or as a quick way to raise money for their crooked leaders?

I won't even take it to the worse case scenario of them plotting out the courses that our MV-22s take to the various firebases in Iraq and do the dirty deed against one of our birds filled with Marines.

A few of the obvious things that the news media has let slide that we've raised on these pages and been called conspiracy nuts for pointing out.

1.  There has been no "war against ISIS".  It is theoretically impossible for a force numbering less than 40K fighters to keep the US, NATO, Russia, Iran and others at bay.  Supposedly almost the entire world has been aligned against ISIS but they still continue as a fighting force for more than  3 years?  THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

2.  Its beyond obvious that the real goal is regime change in Syria.  Everything points to it and its clear that both civilian and military leaders have lied about it.

We are caught in the land of mirrors.  Those we should be able to trust are untrustworthy.  Those we should be suspicious of tell us comfortable truths.

For the ultra-patriots in my readership, I recommend you look away.  This is a nasty episode that will shake you to your core.  If you're not ready for the truth, this is the kind of thing that will make you question many of your allegiances, actions and faith in institutions.

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