Monday, November 21, 2016

Albania set to buy US armored vehicles....we're doing this so wrong!

TIRANA (Albania), November 21 (SeeNews) - Albania plans to buy 250 armoured vehicles from the United States, Albanian defence minister Mimi Kodheli said on Monday, according to a statement from the ministry.
According to Albanian media reports, Kodheli said that the contract is expected to be signed within the next ten days.
The first armored vehicles will be delivered in the first months of 2017, state news agency ATA quoted the defence minister as saying.
They don't state what kind of vehicles are being bought but I don't think we're doing this right.  Remember this deal while we talk about Romania buying some armored vehicles.

Wouldn't it make more sense for us to aid these countries in building up their infrastructure so that we could more easily move vehicles and troops into their countries if they need assistance?  Instead of them buying new weapons for small military forces we should be pushing for them to build ultra modern highways, sophisticated airports etc....

Instead they're buying new weapons and will still need massive assistance if the Russians do attack.  In my mind we're thinking tactically instead of strategically.  In a case of a major war in Europe you will need to win the logistics war.  We would need to be able to get there fast, we need to be able to reinforce if necessary.....we need them to have better infrastructure rather than giving NATO/EU an additional couple of battalions.

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