Monday, November 21, 2016

Brazil to order huge number of VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6's

via IHS Janes.
The Brazilian Army's Logistics Command (CoLog) will award Iveco Latin America a contract for 1,580 serial production VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6 amphibious armored vehicles on 22 November, the service's Projects Management Office told IHS Jane's .
The fleet, to be delivered from 2016-35, will comprise troop transport, communications, command post, ambulance, and 120 mm mortar vehicles. CoLog is buying the platforms in batches of 723, 547, 275, and 35 vehicles, as well as associated equipment and services totalling BRL5.9 billion (USD1.76 billion). Several will be armed with manned protected weapon mounts and ARES Aeroespacial & Defesa's REMAX and UT-30BR remote weapon stations.

Brazil will officially have a more capable armored fleet than the USMC in a few short years.

Am I mistaken or can I hear armor officers in the FMF banging heads on desk and punching holes in walls...

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