Friday, November 18, 2016

SidePro RPG by RUAG

Below The Turret Ring Blog has the story here, but the M-113 is turning into the forever vehicle.  Not only does this vehicle continue in service on practically every continent on this planet but we also see manufacturers periodically coming out with armor enhancement in an attempt to keep it viable into the future.

I personally view it as putting lipstick on a pig but there obviously is a market for it and if we're being honest they're perfect for domestic law enforcement.  Being tracked they're automatically "scary" but they're much more maneuverable than even "small" MRAPs like the Bearcat, and if they haven't been too heavily modified they can even perform high water rescue.  The interior has been configured to perform duty as a fire vehicle in rough terrain and the list goes on.

This might be the 100 year armored vehicle that no one is talking about.

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