Monday, November 28, 2016

Skipper of a Dock Landing Ship walked off the job!

via Navy Times
The commanding officer of a dock landing ship called it quits Monday.
She walked off her job leading the roughly 420-person crew of the dock landing ship Rushmore, Navy Times has learned, an option that isn't available to most other service members without serious repercussions.

Cmdr. Sarah DeGroot told the head of Amphibious Squadron 3, Capt. Homer Denius, on Monday that she was resigning as the Rushmore's CO. Three sources were unable to immediately specify why she'd taken this highly unusual and likely career-ending move.

While the Navy relieves commanding officers for substandard performance or misconduct several times per year, it is highly unusual for a CO to resign voluntarily. Reached for comment by phone, DeGroot declined to comment.

"I don't think I have anything to say at this time," DeGroot said.

A spokesperson for Naval Surface Force Pacific confirmed that DeGroot was no longer in command of the San Diego-based ship and that Cmdr. DeWayne Sanders has assumed temporary command of the ship. There are no administrative or disciplinary actions against DeGroot pending at the moment, Lt. Cmdr. Rebecca Haggard said.
Well at least she didn't decide to quit in the middle of combat.  What is going on with the selection boards and how can they keep getting it so wrong?  Don't answer that.  Targeted promotion instead of picking the best person for the job leads to these types of results...and yeah its been happening for generations.  Ass kissing to get promoted has been an irritant for as long as there has been a thing called a "military".

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