Monday, November 07, 2016

USMC F-35 catches fire in midair during training flight.

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The Marine Corps is investigating after an F-35B Joint Strike Fighter based out of Beaufort, South Carolina, recently caught fire in mid-air, has learned.
The incident happened Oct. 27 at Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, a fleet replacement squadron for the Marine Corps consisting of 20 F-35B aircraft. One of the aircraft experienced a fire in the weapons bay while conducting a training mission over Beaufort, 1st Lt. John Roberts, a spokesman for 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, told
"The aircraft landed safely and there were no injuries sustained," he said. "An investigation is ongoing and we will provide updates as they are available."
No estimate of damage caused by the fire was available. The incident was listed by the Naval Safety Center as a Class A mishap, meaning damage totalled $2 million or more on the $100 million aircraft.
The squadron didn't observe any kind of grounding or operational pause as a result of the mishap, Roberts said.

WHY DOES DAVIS STILL HAVE A FUCKING JOB!!!!?????  This is the second time that a major incident happened and he sat on his fat ass sucking his thumb.  A Harrier crashed in the Pacific and the MARFORPAC General had to do a safety stand down.  Here we have a F-35 catching fire and he does nothing.

Whose dick is he sucking and does he do it that well to keep his job?  Dude must be porn star quality talented!

Regardless.  This is a class A mishap and its another wakeup call.  This plane ain't ready for primetime.

Side Note.  Ya know I've been reading articles today about F-35 pilots talking about how the sensor fusion on this airplane make it unbeatable.  Its not a coincidence.  They make sure that before they release bad news about this airplane that they get their whores in the defense media to write puff pieces about it.  Its gone from obvious to comical.  This story happened on Oct 27, yet we're hearing about it late night before the Presidential election?  You don't think this was timed to go unnoticed?  Are you really that gullible?

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