Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Open Comment Post. Nov 8, 2016.

What's on my mind today?  Well, I can't get over the public relations shenanigans that the USMC is playing with the public over news with regard to the F-35.  The airplane suffered a midair fire in its weapons bay on Oct 27th and we only hear about late night the day before a contentious election?

That's bullshit and it was done on purpose.  Its beneath the dignity of the old Corps but just the kinda thing I expect from the New Breed.  Oh and make no mistake about it.  I'm not talking about the Marines below the rank of Colonel.  But I am pointing an accusatory finger at anyone wearing stars and many with eagles.  HQMC needs a stand down for an ethics course.  I'm not talking about legality.  I'm talking about meeting the standards that we expect from Marine Corps leadership.  You know old fashioned shit like having honesty and integrity.  Not being so slavish to a piece of hardware that you shit can your morals.

Next I'm thrilled that Young Justice is coming back.  The character development was fantastic.  The Batman is perfect and I wonder why they can't get it right on the live action shows.  I love Blue Beetle, Arsenal is crazy cool, and I want to see how Red Arrow and his lady love (Chesire?) workout.  DC sucks at live action movies but until recently nailed it with their animation.

Last is the election.

The elite in the Republican Party are gonna try and go back to business as normal but we don't live in normal times.  I think the Democrats are gonna face the same problem with the Bernie supporters.  What no one is thinking about is what happens if Hillary fails...and make no mistake about it...she will fail horribly.  What comes next?  Will the next Trump and Bernie be even more extreme?  More radical?  We can expect illegal immigration to get worse.  We can expect those professional degreed Whites to final feel the effects of the bad economy.  We've set the stage for an American Hitler.  I don't mean someone that will call for genocide of a particular race but for a person that will not only put American interests first but will probably be forced to seek a pound of flesh from real, imaginary and sometimes allies.

This was a consequential election in my opinion.  Not because the first female will be elected but because she will fail so badly that the American people will be desperate for "strong" leadership.

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