Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A chilling indictment of the USMC's Amphibious Combat Vehicle Concept.

I've been a supporter of the ACV that the USMC is struggling to buy but a reader made a chilling indictment of what we're about to get.  Check this out...CoffeeJoeJava says....
A little comparison:
AAV (current): Combat loaded with troops 56,743 lbs
ACV: Weight combat loaded 74,780 lbs
Sea Speed
AAV: 6 kts, 8.2 kts max
ACV: 6 kts (nothing written about max)
Max Land Speed
AAV: 45 mph
ACV: 65 mph
AAV: 122.75 (includes weapons cupula)
ACV: 113 (no weapons)
AAV: 312.75
ACV: 350
Just on the numbers, I am not seeing the advantage of the new vehicle over the old. Why spend limited defense dollars on something that is as good as what is being replaced. Yes, the EFV program was an abortion of epic proportions. Lets tone the requirements down a bit and get something that will increase capabilities rather than keep the status quo.
Wow.  What are we actually getting with the ACV?  I thought the increase in capabilities would be noteworthy but are we really getting a Marine Personnel Carrier (remember when that was suppose to be the inexpensive wheeled, inland waterway swimming counterpart to the more expensive EFV) relabeled as an AAV replacement?

Have I really missed the obvious because of a desire to get Marines that new car smell?

If I'm true to my values then simply upgrading the AAV to the SAIC configuration makes more sense than wasting money on new vehicles that don't deliver new capabilities.

CoffeeJoeJava is right.  Better a detuned EFV than a vehicle that doesn't deliver an increase in capabilities.  The ACV Program Office has some explaining to do or else this is a bad game being played with the budget.

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