Tuesday, December 06, 2016

BAE USA Chief wants the US to share its technological advantage with allies.

via Defense News.
Lastly, we must enable collective security through our strategic alliances. One of the consistent themes in our recent presidential election was encouraging allies and partners to do more. In order to equip them to do more, we must prioritize programs designed to allow the United States to share its technological advantages with key allies and partners around the world. 
A couple of things.  BAE when it entered the US marketplace was forced to form a standalone company that was entirely separate from its UK parent so that US tech could not be used by the firm when selling gear to other countries.

Next, I've been a big booster of BAE, Boeing and several other companies...but this article gives me pause.

I've watched the videos where the statement is that BAE is concerned with safeguarding the American people, especially the troops that use their gear. This article is a wakeup call.  BAE leadership is apparently no different than Lockheed.  This is a wish list to the Trump administration in order to fill their coffers and increase profit margin.

I've been so naive.

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