Tuesday, December 06, 2016

"Muflone ​​2016" Italian Army Special Ops Olympics..

via Italian Army Website (translated by Google).
In the period between November 27 and December 2 there was the final stage of "Muflone ​​2016", conducted by the exercise COMFOSE and its departments, it aims to consolidate its capacity to interoperability in the planning and conduct of special operations .
The activity involved the 9th Regiment "Col Moschin" , the 4th Parachute Regiment Alpine , the 185th Regiment acquisition targets , the 28th Regiment of Pavia and the 3rd Regiment Helicopters for Special Operations "Aldebaran" , with rates of 41 Regiment SORAO , of ' 11th Signal Regiment "Lioness" and the 183rd Parachute Regiment "Folgore" in addition to a rate of COFS staff - in the role HICON - has affected a wide area between Marche, Lazio and Tuscany, It saw the use of more than 500 men.
The departments have created a Special Operations Task Group Land who also worked with the support of the helicopters of the 3rd REOs that has spelled a Special Operation Air Task Group.
The exercise, conducted in opposing parties and characterized by a strong realism, confirmed the capacity of individual departments to conduct online transactions with its missions.

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