Wednesday, December 28, 2016

BTR-4 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle suboptimal?

standard BTR-4

optimized with what I believe is additional flotation armor across the front section of the vehicle

via Sputnik.
Indonesia is reconsidering plans to acquire more Ukraine-built BTR-4 8x8 amphibious armored personnel carriers (APC) after issues cropped up during training activities.
After concluding initial training on the amphibious vehicle, Korps Marinir (KORMAR), the Indonesian Marine Corps, reported several problems, including the APC excessively trimming at the bow while immersed in water and operating at full speed.
Story here. 

Building an effective amphibious APC/IFV is hard stuff.  Its even harder if you're selling your gear to a Marine Corps (like Indonesia) that regularly floats its vehicles from ship to shore, swims large bodies of water (not just narrow rivers) and has grown used to the capability provided by the ancient but amazingly still functional AAV.

From the little info provided by the story it sounds like they're looking at the vehicle basically trying to bury its nose in the water.

That's not good.

If you recall a couple of years ago some US Marines lost their lives right outside the AAV school house in the 'test pool' when their vehicle nosed into the water.

The fix that the Ukrainians tried to adopt doesn't seem to work (and this is speculation on my part...if you check out the second pic at the top I'm guess they thought that flotation armor would help raise the nose of the vehicle) and a new fix will be necessary if they want to make the sale.

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