Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Distinct differences between the Marine Corps ACV and the Italian SuperAV

I was talking to Kinetics about the ACV and while hitting on the Marine Corps lack of interest in a 30mm cannon, which the Italian SuperAV has, I noticed some pretty interesting differences in the vehicles.

Above is the Italian SuperAV...below is the ACV.  Besides the 30mm cannon what caught my eye were the lack of "steamlineness" in comparison to the AAV.  You're gonna have alot of disturbed water heading to the props with this vehicle.  Next notice the swim vane on the ACV in comparison to the SuperAV. I'm not sure but it appears to be a bit "beefier" and while many believe that is armor (and it might serve that purpose too) attached to the front of the vehicle I get the impression that it's designed to work with the swim vane.  The next part is sketchier because I don't have a real good reference but the ACV appears to sport larger tires and if I'm not mistaken seems to be a larger vehicle than its Italian stablemate.

Am I off base?

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