Monday, December 05, 2016

Who are the security bubbas at the pipeline protest?

Thanks to Michael for the link!

Michael sent me this link to a Breitbart story on the pipeline protest with a note to take a look at the hardware in the pic.  That's on Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) mounted on that MRAP!

Who are the security bubbas at this pipeline protest?  These aren't minor league security contractors if they have this type of gear....and no, you generally don't see corporate security (unless they're nuclear or some other sensitive location types) having access to this.

The main stream media is missing the big story here.  The protesters have a certain point of view and I get that.  The corporation wants to get their project done and I get that too.  But that's not the real story.  I want to know who these security types are, what company farmed them out (I get a whiff of Triple Canopy...everyone else is ate up with overseas commitments, you'd be amazed at all the staffings out there for trainers, personal security details etc at an undisclosed Airbase that are floating around) and how long the contract is for (on a side note I wonder since this is on Indian Nation ground do they get the tax free thing!).  Yeah.  These guys are operating with a different mindset (remember the firehose thing) and I want to know where they're from.

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