Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Dunkirk - Trailer

This is one of those films that I think might become one of those "must sees".  Think about it.  The Germans had the British Expeditionary Force pinned on a beach totally surrounded yet they allowed elements of it to escape to fight another day.

The battle is listed as a loss but I'm not so sure.

Additionally I've never been into the sea battles of the Atlantic.  They just never captured my imagination the way the fight in the Pacific did.  I might need to rethink that.  The fight in the channel from just a general overview seems to have been particularly vicious with the German E-Boats being very effective in what could be considered the WW2 Atlantic version of combat in the littoral zone (from my seat I wonder why more people don't look at our PT Boat/Fighter Bomber actions in the "slot" and between the islands as a primer on future combat).  Yeah.  Dunkirk might be one for the digital library.

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