Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Marine Aviation continues its downward spiral....why does Davis still have a job????

via Military.com
Third Marine Aircraft Wing leader Maj. Gen. Mark Wise has relieved another commander following a "loss of trust and confidence in his ability to continue to serve" at the Miramar air station, according to a written statement provided to The San Diego Union-Tribune.
Citing "issues concerning command climate" within Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232, the Corps announced the firing of Lt. Col. Wade "Casper" Workman on Wednesday. A highly decorated fighter pilot, Workman took command of the "Red Devils" on Jan. 15, following a stint as the Operations Officer of Marine Aircraft Group Eleven.
Miramar spokesman Capt. Kurt M. Stahl indicated that Workman was not relieved over allegations of misconduct or criminal activity but rather "an unhealthy command climate that negatively impacted trust within the unit that is critical to effective operations."
Workman, 41, told the Union-Tribune, "It just didn't work out."
Workman fell on his sword in appropriate Marine Corps fashion.  He has a story to tell but will keep his mouth shut because of allegiance to the Corps.  He will be shuffled off to the side and will work to regain his reputation but will toil in obscurity till he finally retires.

Its a shame.  Its a disgrace.  Its all too common in the Marine Corps today.

Marine Corps Aviation continues its downward spiral because of INCREASED OPS TEMPO due to the ill conceived SPMAGTF-CR, the budget busting F-35/MV-22 and the attempt to transform the Marine Corps into an aviation centric organization.

The real villains in this story appear untouchable.  The think tanks that came up with this idiocy during the Amos era, the leadership since then that hasn't had the moral courage to shit can that thinking and Davis....who still has a job and I can't figure out why.  Speaking of Davis.  Name one public appearance that doesn't revolve around the F-35.  He even appears at Rotary Club/Veteran functions to promote the plane.  Taking care of the Marines under his leadership that are doing the work today is off his radar.  Remember the past reports that of 300 odd F-18's less than 50 were operational?

Marine Air is broken.  

You can fix it but it starts with new leadership.  Davis must go!

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