Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hey Dana! Want to save women's MMA? Put this freak fight together!

After Nunes (above) destroyed Rousey I all but declared Women's MMA dead.  I forgot about the one female fighter that could go square up with Nunes and take her apart (how I forgot about her is beyond me) that would be Cris "Cyborg" Justino (below).

Off cycle she looks like any other athletic female.  On cycle she's a monster.  As long as she stays away from Las Vegas she should be good and she is my bet to EASILY defeat Nunes.

The problem?  She already got popped for juicing and her ex-husband got destroyed in a fight and he'll take at least a couple of years to properly recover.  That MIGHT keep her out of the fight game for a bit longer.  Additionally since he migrated to Bellator I'm wondering if she will too.  I have no visibility on her contract with the UFC but Bellator is MUCH looser when it comes to "enhancements" at least from my chair.

If you like women's MMA then the best chance to save the bracket is to hope that a freak fight between Nunes and a juiced up Cyborg becomes reality (she can cycle off for promotions).

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