Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is it time to start thinking about a mixed fleet of AAV-SU's with 30mm RWS?

Is it time to stop bitching about the way that the ACV/AAV upgrade program is going and pivot to talking about the need to upgrade the firepower on these vehicles?

Considering the thinking at HQMC I won't propose giving everyone of these vehicles a 30mm RWS but perhaps one of three?  The Marine Corps and Army talk alot about the future battlefield.  In the Marine Corps you're hearing about the need for "tactical hackers" (still don't understand that...isn't hacking at its root more a strategic type weapon...it would seem that ground based electronic warfare would be a bigger priority but I'm just a blogger) but the need to increase the inherent lethality of our armored force is being ignored.

The cynic and F-35 hater in me would point to that program but lets give the benefit of the doubt here.  What if the need has simply been overlooked?

In my view that would be a bigger tragedy but lets push forward.  The Chinese have their EFV clone, tank destroyers based on APC's that mount 105mm cannons and their everyday IFV mounts 30mm guns.  The Russians almost double that amount of firepower across the board on their armored vehicles. We've seen ISIS and other hybrid terrorist groups that have turned into quasi-state type formations with MUCH increased firepower.

Its no longer a good idea to upgun our vehicles but a necessity.  A good place to start would be with the eventual ACV winner and at least a portion of the AAV-SU fleet.

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