Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kurdish anti-ISIS forces say Trump supplied them with armored vehicles...

I can't see enough of this vehicle to identify it.  Could it be armor placed over a F550 platform?

via Middle East Eye. net
Syrian Democratic Forces say they have received first shipment of armour from US, and Trump has promised 'extra support'
A Kurdish-led militia fighting the Islamic State group in northern Syria said on Tuesday it had received armoured vehicles from the Donald Trump administration, claiming them to be the first such weapons supplied by the US.
The vehicles were paraded on Monday by the SDF, a coalition of Arab and Kurdish militias led by the YPG which is fighting the Islamic State in the north of Syria.
"American armoured vehicles have arrived for the Syrian Democratic Forces for the first time," said spokesman Talal Sello. "This happened after the new US administration came to power."
Hmm.  Don't know about this.  If they arrived shortly after Trump's inauguration then that means they were enroute during the Obama term.  Could the Pentagon have released these vehicles from local stores?  Sure.  Could Mattis have signed off on it and they arrived within the week that he's had the reigns of the DoD?  Sure.

Would this fit the pattern of Trump ticking off his list of promises during the election in a rapid manner?  Absolutely.

But I just don't know.  If this is true then this is sticky.  This would be the building blocks of a Kurdish Army that could face off with the Turks and carve out a homeland between Syria and Iraq.

More to come.  On that I'm positive.



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