Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump's leadership style. If you've been in the military you've seen this before....

Everyone is all buzzing about the whirlwind trip that Trump is on.  Many are calling this a "shock and awe" start to his administration but if you've been in the military you've seen it before.

I personally call it the "dogging out" phase.

Others will call it the "setting expectations and standards" phase.

Everyone calls it about two or three months of hell.

What do I mean.  You have an old battalion commander.  The unit runs like clock work, everyone knows their job, knows what's expected and can get the job done without even thinking about it.

Then the usual hits.

A change of command.

Everyone braces themselves (either consciously or subconsciously) cause they know what's about to happen.  If they're married they tell the wife that they probably won't be getting home at the usual time.  The guys that are dating and aren't really serious that have a little time in know to just break up.


Because everything is about to get spin washed.  Everything that was done before that had the unit the glittering star in the battalion is going to change.  Old procedures for doing things will be re-examined and if even one I isn't dotted or a T crossed then it will be totally revamped.

Oh and rocks will be painted.

Again you ask why?

The reason is simple.  The new guy has to put his personal stamp on the battalion.  I forgot to add one thing.  In the most extreme cases someone is going to get fired.

I didn't put this analogy together till the firing of the Acting Attorney General was announced.  That didn't really solidify my thinking because in my opinion she deserved to be fired.  It hit me hard when he fired the director of ICE.

Long short?  This whirlwind won't last past summer.  Expect Trump to set his expectations, to fire a few more people and then for him to sit back and manage in a relaxed manner because he's "set the stage".

Why am I so sure.  Because if you've been anywhere near the military you've seen this before too.

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