Saturday, January 07, 2017

Move over Kevlar armor...Hello Carbon NanoTube!

I have some soft body armor from a previous life and while I never wear it, its good to know its in the "war locker" if I need it.  While past its shelf life, I haven't been sweating, running around and degrading it so I'll give it a chance before I try and purchase the latest hotness in the civilian community (steel plate carriers) for those bumps in the night.

But unfortunately body armor has been basically stagnant in the civilian and from I can tell even in the military/law enforcement market.  Well thanks to the Last Boy Scout YouTube page we're getting a glimpse at the new hotness...move over Kevlar, meet Carbon NanoTube!

I'll wait to see more reviews and for some of the bigger players to adopt it before I bite but it might be the new way to go...and if it is then it might be worth tossing my pennies at.

Side Note.  What many people don't realize is that body armor won't "dissipate" the energy from a round.  It will prevent it from penetrating but you're still gonna suffer the blow.  That's why fitness and muscle mass are
necessary (some say that being extremely fat can help but I have my doubts). I look at gunfights as being akin to long range super sayan're gonna feel it if you get hit...even if you're protected.

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