Saturday, January 07, 2017

US Army's latest buzz words? Combined Arms Maneuver...

via Scout Warrior.
“We are excellent at counterinsurgency,” Lt. Gen. Michael Williamson, Military Deputy, Assistant Secretary of the Army – Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, told Scout Warrior in an exclusive interview. “We’re developing systems to be prepared for the full range of potential conflict.”
As a high-level leader for the Army’s weapons, vehicle and platform developmental efforts, Williamson explained that some technologies are specifically being engineered with a mind toward positioning the service for the prospect of massive great-power conflict; this would include combat with mechanized forces, armored vehicles, long-range precision weapons, helicopter air support and what’s called a Combined Arms Maneuver approach.
Combined Arms Maneuver tactics use a variety of combat assets, such as artillery, infantry and armored vehicles such as tanks, in a synchronized, integrated fashion to overwhelm, confuse and destroy enemies.

This story has kept popping up over the last week and a half.  Its been called "The Army's new priorities" to the "Army's new warfighting strategy" to everything in between.

My view is that the service is getting all its cards on the table and organized to fight the deadliest war of all...the Pentagon budget wars.

They have a shopping list and now they have a doctrine that justifies it.  Even better they're going for incremental improvements instead of F-35 type leap aheads in tech that stall for 20 years.

I like it.

They're focused on a real threat.  They're pivoting to face it and are equipping themselves appropriately.  Their doctrine and procurement mesh...they're not making the mistake of having their procurement dictate their doctrine!  The other services should take note, especially the Marine Corps.

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