Friday, January 27, 2017

Open Comment Post. Jan 27, 2017

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What's on my mind?

Has anyone noticed the number of "unnamed source" reports that the mainstream news media is reporting on the Trump administration?

I don't go for most conspiracy theories but Wikileaks indicated that many journalists were using Democrat Party talking points, attended meetings and parties put on by the Democrat National Committee and one respected publication stated that they were taking off their journalist hat and working to defeat Trump.

I don't think that has stopped.

I also think that reporting these "unnamed sources" and then applying the cleansing statement that they have not "verified" the report isn't good enough.

What has me puzzled is why those brainiacs closest to Trump aren't jumping all over it.  I can't explain his behavior except to think that he tweets so much because he feels a need to defend himself, his administration and his policies and he has no one in his cabinet willing to do it.

One last thing.  If he keeps going at this pace he won't last two years in office.  He'll burn himself out and have to resign for medical reasons.

That's on my mind.  What's on yours.

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