Thursday, January 05, 2017

The bottom line news on the F-35C's problems from Navy Test Pilots!

Thanks to Filippo for the link!

via Inside Defense
Further, Navy pilots determined the catapult launch for the Joint Strike Fighter is "not operationally suitable" after conducting extensive at-sea testing, according to a Navy carrier qualification report viewed by Inside Defense.
Major props to my bro, Filippo for finding that nugget.

What is it that a certain Air Force General is running his cock holster about over at Business Insider?  Don't have time to search? it is...
Pleus began his remarks, his delivery blunt and confident, "I'm hopeful that as we continue to grow this fleet, we all take the opportunity to form opinions on this airplane from experts. And the only experts in the F-35 business, are those that fix, maintain, and fly the F-35 on a day-to-day basis."
"Whether they be at Eglin, Luke, Edwards, Nellis, or Hill, if you go and talk to them they will give you the ground truth. If you are forming your opinions by somebody that has not fixed or flown the airplane I would tell you you're wrong."
Hey General!  The experts HAVE spoken and they say the C model is unsuitable for carrier operations.

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