Friday, January 13, 2017

WTF is Israel thinking? Why bomb Assad forces?

Thanks to DavidJames79 for the info.

via Daily Mail.
Syria has accused Israel of bombing a military airport used by Assad's forces near the capital city of Damascus.
State television quoted the Syrian army as saying several rockets were fired at Mazzeh airport from an area near Lake Tiberias in northern Israel just after midnight.
The country's army chiefs warned of repercussions following what it called a 'flagrant' attack on a major strategic base used by Syria's elite Republican Guard.
The cause of the explosions was not clear, sources claiming the sounds heard in parts of the capital suggested they could be Israeli warplane strikes.
Story here. 

Ya know why the war in Syria/Iraq doesn't get more coverage on this blog?  Its simple.  The US, Turkey, NATO, Saudi Arabia and Israel (to include many others) have made this an even more chaotic battlefield than necessary.

For some reason leadership has decided to pursue simultaneous objectives against several different groups (not to mention the actual intent of our allies) which has all combined to make success impossible.

Take the Turks.  Their main goal is destruction of the Kurds.  The US supposedly is trying to kill ISIS inside Syria and Iraq while at the same time toppling Assad.  All the others are operating on variations of this same scheme.

Its no wonder that they're talking about years to win the war.  No one has any idea who they're fighting.

Which brings me to the Israelis.

Why attack Assad?  It makes no sense.  A strongman can be dealt with .... religious zealots not so much.  Do they really believe that destroying Assad will make the Middle East a safer place?

I hope we get an explanation if they actually did conduct these strikes.

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