Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Marine Corps Captain goes hardcore on the General's Club! MUST READ!

Thanks to John for the link!

Have you ever read an article that pushes all your buttons in the right way?
Have you ever wondered where is that Marine Officer that will stand up and tell HQMC they have no clothes?  Have you hoped that you would see common sense make a roaring comeback in the Marine Corps?

Have you sometimes thought that sugar has turned to shit and all hope is lost?"

I have.

I thought that no one would stand up and say what everyone was thinking.  Fortunately I was wrong.  Capt Waddell has written an amazing piece for Marine Corps Gazette and I can't do it justice.  I saw it a couple days ago when John sent me the link but didn't know how to present it to you.  Well I got a bit of wall to wall counseling (thanks John) and the answer is I don't need to present it.  JUST READ IT HERE!

My faith in the honor of some Marine Corps Officers is if I could only get Davis to man up and answer some question or even his protector Neller we might finally get this fantastic ship, the USS Marine Corps turned around.

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