Thursday, February 09, 2017

China is practicing to destroy US installations overseas...

Thanks to Al Z for the link!

via War on the rocks...
The levels at which China appears to be planning a missile attack on US military bases in the Pacific have been detailed in a new report.
An investigation of satellite imagery comparing China's missile testing grounds and US military bases shows a pattern - all of the missile tests have been aimed at destroying US carriers, destroyers and airfields in East Asia, the report said.
The images show that the test areas have been designed to look like the military bases, according to the report by Thomas Shugart on War on the Rocks.
Earlier this week, a highly accurate Chinese ballistic missile capable of threatening US and Japan bases in Asia made its latest appearance at recent Rocket Force drills.
Are you surprised?

I'm not!  This is what enemies do...they practice to mess you up in a pre-emptive strike!

The only thing about this report is that the Pentagon still insists on forward basing as a way to deter enemies instead of realizing how vulnerable those forces are in an age of precision long range weapons!

By rights San Diego and Hawaii would turn into mega bases for our Ships/Marines/Aircraft and we would work with Australia where possible to station a division or so in their Northern Territory.

But as far as China practicing against our bases?  No problem...I hope we're doing the same.

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