Sunday, February 19, 2017

China's military, especially aviation, has reached near parity with the US...

via Business Insider.
"Western military technological superiority, once taken for granted, is increasingly challenged," Dr. John Chipman, Director-General and Chief Executive of IISS, said in a statement. "We now judge that in some capability areas, particularly in the air domain, China appears to be reaching near-parity with the West."
Instead of its usual practice of working on systems that imitate Soviet and Russian technology, China has shifted its efforts (and budget) to domestic research and development. Its Navy is currently working on three new advanced cruisers, 13 destroyers, and outfitting other ships with better radar.
But China's efforts on new aircraft have been the most effective.
Then this from the same article.
 China has its own stealthy J-20 and J-31 fighters, helped in part by stolen technical details of the F-22 and F-35, though it still seems to lack many of the capabilities of its US counterparts. But Beijing has made up for that in the development of a long-range air-to-air missile that has no western equivalent.
"Seen on exercise last year and estimated at near-six meters in length, this developmental missile likely has the task of engaging large high-value and non-maneuvering targets," Chapman said. "With a lofted trajectory, an engagement range around 300 kilometers would appear feasible."
That long range makes that kind of missile particularly deadly to aircraft that supports short range fighters, such as aerial tankers and AWACS, which provide an airborne radar platform.
Interestingly, the report notes, China's progress is "now the single most important driver for US defense developments."
Story here. 

I've been warning about the rising Dragon for years and everyone assumed that it was the shouting of a mad man.

Now think tanks have picked up on the truth.

We wasted too much time on the F-35.  It might succeed in only one area.  As a Harrier replacement.  For everything else it will be a complete and utter failure.  I will give General Davis and Marine Corps leadership credit for one thing.  Somehow they roped the USAF and Navy (to an extent) in selling their souls to provide the nation with a supersonic jump jet.  If I was only looking at Marine Corps requirements I'd be the planes biggest fan!

But its about more than the Marine Corps.

The security of the nation and the Western world is at stake.

If China has reached technological parity with the US then that means that they have also achieved regional superiority.  We have world wide commitments.  They're only focused on their backyard.

We MUST do better.  We MUST start making the hard choices.  If we don't reorient ourselves now and get on the right track then the Chinese will achieve perfect victory...winning without having to fight.

Sidenote:  We haven't even started talking about armor developments or the Chinese shipbuilding programs.  While we've wasted almost 20 years in the Middle East wasting lives and treasure our enemies have gotten stronger.  My worry?  With a national focus on Russia, China continues to strengthen, continues to get harder while we flounder.  We must refocus on the real threat in the Pacific...

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