Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brahmos "Extended Range" almost 400 mile supersonic anti-ship missile!

via Live Fist.
Two major BrahMos tests coming this summer. Things kicks off in March with a long-awaited ‘extended range’ test of a 450km range variant of the supersonic cruise missile, the fastest in its class in the world. BrahMos, whose range was earlier limited by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) has now been opened up beyond its 290km range to upwards of 450km. Livefist can confirm that an even longer range final ‘ER’ variant, out to 600km, will be tested next year. The BrahMos ER will be tested from an Army land launcher and will follow a protocol launch without any of the major maneouvers the missile is capable of.
Story here. 

We're gonna have to think about ship survivability.  What standard do we need to allow a ship to take a hit and stay in the fight?  Remember what the Exocet did to a Brit ship when it hit but didn't explode and the missile fuel did the job?  What will a missile doing Mach3 do to a modern warship on pure kinetic energy alone?

The next war at sea will be one for the ages.

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