Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CIA Freezes Aid To Free Syrian Army

via Sputnik
No military assistance will be delivered to the FSA by the CIA "until matters are organized," a source on the ground in Syria told Reuters. Specifically, FSA commanders said that the agency could be worried that, with growing jihadist assaults across the region, including the mass execution of up to 200 last week, the CIA is wary of putting cash and weapons into the hands of combatants that could then be given to regional terrorists.
About damn time!  Story here.  Have you noticed that this story is not widely publicized here in the US?  Reason?  Because the American people would be outraged to learn that killing ISIS wasn't the primary goal of CIA/DoD operations is Iraq and Syria.  Removing Assad from office was.  Its obvious that Trump's CIA director pick is finally making moves and starting to sort things out.

Don't worry about what Trump says.  Dude is a 70 years old guy.  Speaking in the politically correct, socially approved way is unknown to him and something I find refreshing.  Watch what Trump does!  This is great news!

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