Tuesday, February 21, 2017

J-20 with four huge drop tanks. UPDATED with video!

Thanks to Filippo for the pic!

Wow.  It would appear that they're planning on this plane going far, firing it's missiles and returning to base.

The Chinese are shaping up to be a worthy enemy.  I hope we're steady enough to curb stomp them.

UPDATE:  Sam found this vid of the plane in flight.  Thanks dude!  The more
I see of it the more I'm convinced that the Chinese built a stealthy F-111B analog.  A long range interceptor/striker...that's how I view the F-111B developing if it had been put into service by the Navy.  AIM-154's for the interceptor role and then loaded with bombs for the striker mission.  Of course the J-20 isn't thought to be carrier capable but you get the idea.

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