Thursday, February 23, 2017

Did China just float a Marine Regiment?

via China Defense Blog
Last week, 10 landing ships - including two type 071 Yuzhao class Amphibious Transport Dock LPD and their LCACs - from the 2nd and the 16th Landing Ship Squadrons were out and about in the South China Sea.  A simple math would suggest that a Marine regiment could sardined into those tiny boats.  
Many more pics here. 

This is beyond interesting.  We put a carrier battle group in the region as a wave the flag exercise and what do the Chinese do?

They sailed 10 Amphibious Assault Ships.

I think China Defense Blog is spot on too.  That's enough naval shipping to put a Chinese Regiment AND their equipment on a beach.

That my friends is a wartime deployment.  We sail carrier battle groups all the time.  We sail MEUs regularly. Sailing a small armada in the South China Sea is an unmistakeable message to the entire region.

I wonder if PACOM was paying attention.

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