Thursday, February 23, 2017

YF-16 #1 Official First Flight...Time to give Lockheed Martin credit.

I am a constant critic of Lockheed Martin.  The business plan behind the F-35 has nothing to do with efficiency and everything to do with it being a jobs program.  The plane is late, I don't believe it will deliver and I believe that we're seeing criminal activity or stuff that SHOULD BE considered criminal activity when it comes to advocacy for the program.

But I have to give Lockheed Martin credit for one thing.

They're one of the FEW defense manufacturers that's working hard to preserve our military history.  Additionally they're sharing that history with the public.  Love or hate them this is some awesome stuff that they didn't have to do. I'm personally in awe and thank them for it.

Drink in the above vid and head over to their site to watch vids of planes that interest you.  I know there are about 8 vids that I have marked to watch and I'm sure you'll see something you like.  I don't say this often but....WELL DONE Lockheed Martin!

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