Monday, February 13, 2017

Eitan 8x8 APC to be built in the US?

Thanks to Jonathan for the link!

via Shepard Media.
As Israel's newly developed Eitan 8x8 vehicle completes its final stages of testing there is a chance the production vehicles could be built in the US.
Defence sources told Shephard that internal discussion in the Israeli MoD are giving consideration to manufacturing Eitan in the US and purchasing it with US military aid.
But the MoD said that the Eitan is still in the development stages and has not yet been approved for mass production.
'If and when decisions are taken to produce it, and in what volume, the Ministry of Defense Merkava Tank Administration [MANTAK], which regards the involvement of Israeli industries in the Merkava project as a strategic asset, will take steps to ensure the share of Israeli industries in the project, as it has done up until now.'
It added: 'We emphasise that after the project is approved, production of the Eitan will take place simultaneously with production of the Merkava and Namer. In view of the increased procurement of armoured fighting vehicles following Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli defense industries' share of all these projects will increase, not decrease.'
Interesting.  So I guess they design a vehicle, produce it in the US and then buy it with foreign aid?

I'd be a bit miffed if I couldn't see the Eitan as a Stryker replacement in the near term. 

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