Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Open carry activists. Do stupid shit, win stupid prizes.

Thanks to Everyday No Days Off Blog for the link!

Quote of the day.

"Sir, I will put a round in your fucking head"! (made by a LEO while pointing his weapon at an open carry advocate)

Value?  Priceless!  Result?  More than likely shit producing!  The moral of the story?  Just because something is legal doesn't mean that its a good idea to do it!

Serious question.

Guy walks into a police station wearing a baclava with an AR-15 and he's shot dead by police on the spot.  Do you think ANYONE IN AMERICA would convict the police?


NO FUCKING WAY!  They jury would be back in 5 min with a not guilty verdict in most states (even backwards ass California would convict especially since they're so anti-gun!).

Every movement has its loons and from my chair the open carry morons fit the bill when it comes to the gun rights movement.  These bastards need to be marginalized.  They do nothing to help and everything they do hurts the cause.

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