Monday, February 06, 2017

Patria AMV 28A is designed for "Marine" environments!

Thanks to Jonathan for the link!

via Army Guide.
Patria AMV 8x8 is the most modern and successful combat proven armoured wheeled vehicle with outstanding test results from all over the world. Nearly 1,600 vehicles have already been ordered. They are used in challenging conditions by customers in seven countries including the Finnish, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian, South African, United Arab Emirates’ and Swedish Defence Forces. Patria AMV’s structural solutions enable high payload capacity, high level of protection and integration of heavy weapon systems. Patria AMV has received excellent feedback from customers for its performance in combat and crisis management operations in Afghanistan and Chad. The latest addition to this product family, Patria AMV XP, provides further strength to the company’s product range.

At IDEX Patria showcases a new member of the Patria AMV product family - Patria AMV28A with Kongsberg PROTECTOR Medium Caliber Turret (MCT-30) with Commander’s Independent Weapon Station with 12,7 mm Machine Gun and Javelin AT launcher.

Features of Patria AMV28A

· Bolt-on marine environment amphibious kit to 28 ton GVW

· Automatized amphibious mode, protected and continuous fighting capacity

· Modular amphibious kit, easy to detach and rearm when needed.

· Full operational capacity on land. Max. width 2.85 meters without amphibious kit

· Max. speed up to 10km/h

· Extended hull for larger size IFV turrets and crew of 8 dismounting soldiers

· Protectable for against modern threat levels

· Marine environment protective coating

· Superior firepower also on an amphibious operation

· Desert powerpack

· Desert AC
Hmm.  So all it was is flotation armor?  I also don't get what an extended hull has to do with larger IFV turrets.  I've seen everything up to 120mm cannons mounted on AMVs so are they telling us that they had a bit of stability issues with the larger caliber guns?  If so then I wonder how big they got before they started seeing issues.

It makes sense and its a good move after being burned by Lockheed Martin in the ACV contest. 

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