Monday, February 06, 2017

Royal Marine Recruits on the Tarzan Course...

Note:  Always thought this was a myth.  The Tarzan Course at Quantico is always said to have come from the Royal Marines and they always have some juice head Royal Marine hanging around I guess it all checks out.  Another myth confirmed.

Don't be fooled..this guy is relaxing and taking a breather...he's also hoping the guy ahead of him is slow so that rest he's taking will be a bit longer!

Another chill portion of the least till you get to the next pic....

and contort and twist and do stupid shit!

I wonder how much an influence British Army and Marine Commando Units in WW2 played in the formation of our own Special Ops units?  At least in the training/selection process.  It would be interesting to see a military historians take on the subject.

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