Monday, February 20, 2017

Sweden's Refugee Crisis Is Real....

Thanks to BBBJ345 for the link!


Many have pointed to issues as Sweden as a warning to the West in general. I thought the issue was overblown.  I was wrong.  Check out this vid to get the flavor of the situation.  Its beyond chilling.  The govt is accused of covering up crime statistics in order to protect immigrants, at the expense of Swedish citizens?!!! Additionally it seems that Sweden is choosing to commit national suicide by taking in more immigrants than they can successfully assimilate.

This confirms it to me.

The EU is gonna die.  Terrorism, criminality, and lack of security in general will doom the project to the dustbin of history.  Political correctness won the moment but will lose in the end.

The good news?

The US still has time to prevent this madness.

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