Friday, February 10, 2017

The UK has NO working attack subs.

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via Daily Mail.
The Royal Navy’s fleet of attack submarines are all currently out of action – and Ministry of Defence chiefs are said to have kept it a secret from the Prime Minister.
Britain’s seven ‘hunter-killer’ vessels are understood to be ‘non-operational’, with five understood to be undergoing maintenance.
It is believed the HMS Astute, commissioned in 2010, is the only one currently at sea although she is still ‘weeks away’ from active service following a tune-up.
According to The Sun, it is the first time in decades Britain does not have an attack submarine on stand-by to respond to threats.
Sources said the Navy’s three Astute-class vessels – built by BAE Systems - are ‘beset by problems’ despite costing around £1.2billion each.
The others currently in service are the HMS Ambush - which is being repaired after crashing into a tanker off Gibraltar in 2016, and HMS Artful.
A Whitehall source told the paper: ‘No one is being honest about the scandal.’
All seven submarines are nuclear powered and are used to patrol trade routes ‘under threat from Iran’ and keep tabs on Russian action in the Atlantic.
Is it just me or do the Brits seem a bit unsteady as our supposed number one ally?

Just kidding.

It seems like NATO as a whole is horribly broken.  The only countries that seem to have a properly functioning military establishment are the former Soviet bloc nations and for the most part they're small.

Something is seriously wrong with military procurement/maintenance in the West.  Major reform in most countries is desperately needed and it might be time to break up the major defense firms. 

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