Thursday, February 02, 2017

Tick tock of the decision making leading up to the SEAL Team 6 raid in Yemen...

via CBS News.
According to Spicer, the first plans for the operation were filed by U.S. Central Command on Nov. 7, and got approval by the Defense Department by Dec. 19, at which time DoD recommended that it move ahead to the National Security Council staff.
In early January, before President Trump took office, an interagency deputies’ meeting was called to discuss the plan and recommend that it move “straight up.”
“The conclusion at that time was to hold for what they call a ‘moonless night,’” Spicer said, adding that such conditions wouldn’t exist until Mr. Trump was president.
On Jan. 24, Defense Secretary Mattis read the plans and conveyed his support of the operation to the White House. The following day, Mr. Trump was briefed by National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. And on the evening of Jan. 25, the president held a dinner meeting with Kushner, Bannon, and other security and intelligence officials, “where the operation was laid out in great extent and the indication at that time was to go ahead,” Spicer said.
The president signed the memo authorizing the raid the following day.
Story here.  Recommend you also watch the video where the Presidential Spokesman lines out the different approval entities in detail. 

The case is closed on this one.  The news media isn't trusted because they attempted to make a big deal out of this story.  They attempted to create the meme that Trump was sloppy, overly aggressive and cost a man his life.

They were as usual wrong.


The usual Trump haters attempted to jump on this as if they didn't know better (talking about several people commenting on this page) and showed their true colors.

My advice?

Save your fire for the time he really screws the pooch...but understand that Mr Murphy showed up and he always gets a vote in operations.  This was a standard op that went bad.  But everyone here knows that sometimes shit happens.

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