Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump has a bias toward Marine Corps and Army Generals...Air Force and Navy Flags are virtually absent...

Everyone (including myself) is all abuzz about McMaster being chosen as Trump's National Security Adviser.  While officially the General's Club is suppose to be "joint and only joint" in viewpoint, the picks that we've seen at the top of the tree seem to indicate that Trump definitely has a thing for Marine Corps and Army leadership...and not so much for Air Force and Navy Flags.

What could this mean?

I'm just spitballing but I think that will probably mean a drastic reduction in overseas adventures.  I think that the butcher's bill for inserting ground forces (to include Special Operations) will take on a new importance.

You can practically guarantee an increase in defense spending and probably a renewed emphasis on ground combat.  Don't read me wrong.  Air and Naval spending will remain untouched, but the exotic projects and the promises of easy victory by air power will fall on deaf ears.

How do I arrive at this when the National Security Adviser's post is simply a liaison between the intel communities and the President? Simple.  I don't see McMaster simply following the guidelines and boundaries that have been established by his predecessors.  I expect that he will wander into procurement, dabble in foreign policy and even touch on force levels.

McMaster was leading the effort to "transform" the military.  He wasn't looking at bleeding edge gear but making it fit into current needs.  Remember the Stryker Brigade?  I credit Mike Sparks (yeah the guy many like to hate ... his Air Stike Mech influenced many even if they don't give him credit) and McMaster.

Expect more of the same.  The winners so far?  The American People, the USMC and the US Army.  Losers?  America's enemies (we won't be goaded into foolish overseas adventures...or rescuing those that should save themselves...I hope at least) and the US Navy and Air Force.

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