Monday, February 20, 2017

Riots break out in Sweden!

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The title of the article from Dagbladet?
Riots in Stockholm and police have fired warning shots: - It looks like a war zone here
The story.
 Police have fired warning shots against rioting in Rinkeby, Stockholm.
A dozen cars are set on fire in the suburbs and people have broken into several shops reportedly at the site. Buses in the area is stopped and the police have not succeeded in gaining control of the situation yet.
The riots started when police would make an arrest around 20.30 o'clock tonight.
- In connection with a crackdown by Metro - they would detain a person - got colleagues threw stones against him, says Eva Nilsson at the police operations center in Stockholm to Aftonbladet .
From the same article.
- The police felt so threatened that they saw it necessary to loosen warning shots, continues Nilsson.
According to Expressen had around 100 people gathered in central Rinkeby around 22.30 o'clock in the evening to take part in the riots.
It should be at 23.00 o'clock remain uneasy in the area and police have claimed SVT pulled partially back in anticipation of reinforcements. The fire department has, in the past messages that have come Dagbladet later, continues to fail to take into Rinkeby to work with lures of cars are set on fire. The reason for this is that the police have not succeeded secure area yet.
What stands out to me?  The timing of this.  A former Swedish official asked what Trump was smoking.  Seems like he was pretty much spot on...Trump that is.

The next thing that shocks me is that European police are firing warning shots.  I've seen those guys and they don't shoot.  They'll mix it up with hooligans during Soccer season but never have to go to guns.  I've seen them hook and jab with servicemen on liberty and after they make the arrest its always are you ok in broken English (sometimes really good English) and back in the day they'd even light a cigarette and tell a buddy to make sure that they got you back ok and wouldn't report the incident (if he didn't act crazy and seemed to have his wits about him), but now they're using firearms?

Things are bad...real bad if this is the new face of Europe.  Pity.  That was once the dream spot to set foot on but things appear to be changing.

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