Tuesday, February 21, 2017

US Army fleshing out plans to revitalize Air-Defense units...

This is a Boeing test bed for work on their laser.

via Breaking Defense.
The service’s plan to revive SHORAD involves

*deploying to Europe about 50 more of its current Avenger systems, Humvees mounting multiple Stinger missiles;

*developing requirements for new “Maneuver SHORAD” equipment — such as lasers mounted on armored vehicles to keep up with frontline units — for which an Initial Capabilities Document is expected out by April;

*and ultimately quadrupling the SHORAD force — if funding can be found — to put air defenders in every Army division and combat brigade, both active-duty and National Guard.

Adding these assets would allow frontline units to maneuver independently even in the face of air attack, a key part of the emerging Multi-Domain Battle doctrine. “Our ability to defeat air and missile defense threats would be central to that Multi-Domain Battle,” said Maj. Gen. Brian McKiernan, commander of the Army Fires Center at Fort Sill, which oversees both offensive artillery and air and missile defense.
Quite honestly I didn't know that the Army still had Avenger weapon systems in its inventory.  It'll be interesting to see how they deploy them.  I'd like to see them mounted to Strykers or as a worst case measure on JLTVs, but the Humvee is just too elderly to keep up with the force.

Deploying 50 of them to Europe seems rather hyperbolic.  Russia isn't crossing the berm.  Sending so many forces there seems rather provocative.  Am I the only one that sees that big red dragon hiding in that mass of trees?

Lots of needs, little money.  Even with the Trump defense buildup there will be things left undone.  Budget Hawks will bite so it will be interesting to see what actually gets prioritized.

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