Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What happened to all the talk of a "Missile Truck"?

Start the vid at around 9:20.  That is how "futurist" in the USAF saw the future fight.  But did you notice something?  They acknowledged the lack of "high end" F-22's.  The F-22's aren't augmented by the F-35 in this aerial but instead a missile truck based on the B-1R!

What happened to this concept?  Why isn't it still being pursued?  If the B-1 is too old then what about other aircraft to fill this need?  Remember that as late as around Oct of last year the talk of a "missile truck" was being actively discussed.

Boeing has already demonstrated that they're capable of "up gunning" F-15's to carry a stunning number of air to air missiles.  If the "Cuda" ever gets beyond concept then the number would be downright staggering.

Fortunately the Navy is already making moves in the direction and might be bringing back the "kill the archer" concept via its networked fires approach.  The Super Hornet, especially after being given the "Advanced" treatment, is no slouch in the missile truck department.

My issue is simple.  

People are turning to the idea of fighting outnumbered against high powered enemy fighters, especially if a large portion of the force is flying stealth fighters with limited weapons load.  The F-35 is inadequate.  A missile truck combined with networked fires over the fleet along with E-2Ds providing long range detection of enemy forces might be the only thing to save us when the big fight comes.

We need a Missile Truck based on the Advanced Super Hornet.

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