Friday, March 03, 2017

Blast from the past....Blackwater JLTV.

How many of you remember the outfit called Blackwater?  I'm not talking about the weak, undercover model that it evolved into today, but the brash, shit talking, semi-nation state army that they were at the height of their power.

Memes developed, parts of the military looked at them with suspicion (the COIN mafia did not like their tactics...rank and filed liked that they would hook and jab at the drop of a hat with "relaxed" rules of engagement) and the snowflakes hated them with a passion reserved for a straight guy having the audacity to like women, worship God, and show patriotism.

Things changed in a big way for the company when an incident resulted in famed Navy SEAL Scott Helvenston (he put out workout videos and was a PT stud) being killed with his team and hung on a bridge by depraved Iraqi animals (this incident was properly avenged by United States Marines).

But back on task.  How big did Blackwater get?  So big that when the call went out for JLTV participants, Blackwater entered their privately developed MRAP!  Below is a pic and a little information on it can be found here.

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